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About Us

Positive health behaviors practiced early in life are essential for successful aging. Yet, making the healthiest choice isn’t always the easiest choice. Globally, current environments pose challenges to living long and productive lives. Dr. Abby King and her interdisciplinary team of scientist at the Healthy Aging Research and Technology Solutions (HARTS) laboratory is an “incubator” for international, innovative, and technology-based behavioral and environmental health solutions. Their efforts promote healthy lifestyles by applying scientifically-validated behavioral principles and strategies to design and test programs aimed at helping people move moresit less, and eat in healthier ways. For over three decades Dr. King has had a strong commitment to supporting health and quality of life for  people at the highest risk for poorer health—including midlife and older adults, low-income individuals, ethnic minorities, and those living in developing countries. Stanford University’s strong ties to Silicon Valley provide a unique advantage in creating novel, cost-efficient behavioral health solutions for diverse populations. 

Our Staff

Abby C. King, PhD
Title: Lab Director


Cynthia M. Castro, PhD
Title: Intervention Director


M. Inés Campero
Title: Health Educator, Community Research Liaison


Dulce Garcia
Title: Research Assistant/Clinic Assessor


Aldo Chazaro
Title: Research Assistant


Jylana L. Sheats, PhD, MPH
Title: Postdoctoral Research Scholar


Sandra J. Winter, PhD, MPA
Title: Postdoctoral Research Scholar

Deborah Salvo, PhD
Title: Assistant Visiting Professor


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